Asian African Carnival, Let A New Asia and Africa Be Born

The hype was mounting prior Asian African Conference, both in Jakarta and Bandung. Traffic was cleared out, city was beautified and people were prepared for the event. I managed to participate as a social media volunteer at Asian African Carnival in Bandung, a slacktivist in disguise, but the thing is to actually participate.

What is Asian African Carnival? An array of events to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Bandung’s 1955 Asian African Conference. There are 60 events in a period of roughly a week in multiple venues in Bandung and surroundings.

When was it? Around 20-26 April 2015, through day and night. Each event took place for a day or so; all 60 events did not happen at one coinciding day.

Where was it? The center stage was Asia Afrika Street with supporting venues, such as Dago Street, Siliwangi Stadium, Trans Complex, Paris van Java Mall, Cihampelas Walk, Film Park, Pasopati Park and plenty others.

Why did we have Asian African Carnival? The unique thing about the commemoration is that it has been held every ten years; the last commemoration was on its 50th in 2005. Also, the idea of the event was to incorporate more the relationship between Asia and Africa. The big logo was “let a new Asia and Africa be born”.

Who celebrated the commemoration? Government leaders and representatives gathered in prior conferences in Jakarta and later performed historical walk in Bandung’s Asia Afrika Street. Aside from high-rank events, there are plenty of people-to-people activities; such as cultural events and festivals, photo exhibition, smart city conference, parade and spectacular angklung orchestra which was played by an estimated of 20,000 participants (Angklung is a well-known Sundanese traditional music instrument).

How did it go? Mayor of Bandung said this in almost all of his speeches, “Bandung is made from solidarity, togetherness”. It was not just a slogan. Bandung people were very supportive both in organizing the event, attending the event and creating condusive situation throughout the event.

I made a video about fellow volunteers regarding the event; and asked how they felt and the excitement that was happening. It was in Indonesian.