Email from the Past

A year ago, there was a brief trend among my friends about sending email to your future. I, as a very fragile boy, follow this trend.

It was a day before my birthday, I wrote an email to myself, in the future. I just wrote something stupid, I don’t remember it until yesterday.

I opened my yahoo mail inbox, and there it was, my email from the past. I goose bumped, never realised something like this happened to me.

Hahaha, kinda stupid, but hey, at least I have a good and fun life in the past.

If you couldn’t see what I wrote, here is a paste of my email.

Dear FutureMe, 

How are you today? I am writing from Bandung, Indonesia on September 16th, 2009.. Happy birthday though!! You are 21 now, what a great age if you think through..

May be you are in Australia right now, how are you there? fine? I hope you are fine, because there is no obstacle that we couldn’t pass. Allah has given us everything that we NEED!! be thankful, and live your life like you’ll die tomorrow..

What’s happening today in 2009? well, hikmat is sleeping, ibu and bapak are doing something down there. The sun is quiet bright, but the air is pretty cold. It’s ramadhan you know!! tomorrow is you fear-to-be-true birthday!! YOU ARE GOING TWENTY..

you are not admiring someone right now, you’ve just broken up with aksi, and your relationship with lube is just stuck and having nowhere to go..

may be this is my alert for you in the future. always be yourself, live your dreams, because you’ve live from those..

bismillah before you do anything, and work hard..

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