1 October 2010

12.18 pm

A few minutes ago, I was passing my university boulevard. It was dark, windy, and gloomy day. I thought it is spring.

I just had a quiz on blasting course; I fucked up, at first. I believe that calculating mixed density is by considering both mixture, but the computer ignored my answers on density. At the end of the quiz, the lecturer told students that something crashed with the computer, and we are compensated with full mark on that quiz. Thank God I didn’t stay up all night.

When I passed Law Building, a guy approached me, and directly asked. “Do you believe in God?” It was like a lightning and suddenly the sky turned blue. Bright day for Sydney.

“I.. do, what’s this? Who are you?” asked me and me still walked through the boulevard.

“I just wanna asked you a few question, here’s a card for you.” He answered and gave me a card full of questions.

“What are you doing now?”, “I just had a quiz and heading home.”, “No, in life?”

“What?” I was shocked by the explanation. “What am I doing in life?”, I really uncomfortable with him asking that, but he kept following me. Then I answered, “Just living the moment, follows what God tells me to, and be a good man, pretty much.”

“Do you believe in life after death?” he asked.

“Reincarnation? No.” I answered.

“What do you think, anything happen after life, or you just dead?”

“Err, no, I believe in something called eternal life after death, heaven or hell, something like that.”

“Have you prepared anything?” he asked again. I was paused for a while.

“I’m trying to, but still much to do.”

We were already near the front gate of university, he seemed to end the conversation by saying, “Here’s my card, if you want to know more about life, call the number.”

He went back and approached another guy.


Morality without God?


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