#movember #2012

I was introduced to this movement back in Australia in 2010, this year is my third.

At first, I was urged by fellow workmates to grow mustache due to local “custom”. As I thought that the moustache would not hurt a thing and everybody was doing the same, I follow their “customs”.

I am hairy by nature; it takes only three days to grow a moustache and a couple days more to grow a goatee. At that time, I thought that the activity was just for fun, little I knew about the positive cause behind the #movember.

Last year, I did #movember alone since no one was as excited as mine. I taught them about the movement, but that was not enough.

This year felt different, a few workmates are Australian and obviously know #movember. Fellow Indonesian is curious enough, sometimes criticize, for the moustache I have been growing from November 1st. Some say that it looks manly, some say it looks ugly, some say it looks weird or disgusting, but apparently for me it was not about the look.

There was one moment when I was talking with a curious Indonesian, after minutes of description; she did not believe what I said. I asked the nearest Australian workmate to help me describe #movember and finally she believe that the movement is real and widely known, outside Indonesia J

I pledge to take my personal #movember to a new level next year. Of course by collecting money through the website and inviting more people to do the same. On the other hand, raising the awareness of prostate cancer must not stop as the November ends, it is an ongoing movement.

Here are my photos throughout #movember #2012.