Solo Travel Undercover


Have you ever spent the whole single day of traveling just sleeping under the blanket? Be it on your luxury bed, a queen-sized bed, a single bed or simply inside a capsule bed. You persist of not being tired, but you just need that moment of silence and busy doing nothing. You dragged your feet to close the curtain of your small or room-wide window so that the dim of light rules the room. You take your smartphone or book, dive into it, just wandering outside you physical reach. If you’ve had those then it’s okay. If you’ve never had one or more of those, spare your thought for these kinds of people.

Some people travel alone simply because they want to get away from social life. They put on their most comfortable socks and shoes and walk the unheard paths. They smile to stranger and that’s about it. No conversation further than saying hello or asking for direction. They don’t want to disturb anyone and in return they expect the same thing. They might spare a few times to sit there, absorb the atmosphere and be blown away by wind. They might stay in the hippiest dormitory with 18-bunk beds, but simply don’t mind to fall in silence and be nonchalant.

The other people travel alone because they want to experience things without taking their nature of aloofness very seriously. They might endure physical contact with locals or fellow tourists with conversation ranges from culture to daily trip. They might wander local market, take pictures and enjoy a bit of cuisines. They might hang out at night in the place where there is a limited chance that other people will sit next to them. They might sit in hostels’ common rooms and use their mouth only to swallow breakfast food.

And there are also people travel alone expecting a once in a lifetime moment to just blend with people or condition they meet. They might choose to stay in 18-bunk beds, sit in the center of hostels’ common rooms, enjoy local bar and still expecting. They fail miserably. In the last days of traveling, they return to their natural instinct; simply do what you always do and not expecting anymore.

For you who’ve never had one of those experiences, you might be the easily-blend people. Your gesture attracts others to be around you; be it your outgoing personality, your ability to tell story or simply because of your interesting look. It is not your fault for being interesting. You lighten up the cold and silent dorm; sometimes at 3 am. Your voice can be heard two stories below; also at 3 am. The world is lively with your presence.

All these four people exist and breathe. They are around you. They might sleep under your bunk bed. They might be found sitting next to you in common room. They might be seen at places of interests. They might also be seen in the mirror. Pay a little attention.